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Coach Selection Process

The Board of Directors (BOD) objective is to effectively evaluate and select coaches who best meet the needs of the kids, the parents, and TRUE Youth Association (TYA). This procedure was put in place to create a fair, open and transparent coach selection process. The BOD will govern the entire coach selection process to ensure that the process is executed in a thorough, objective manner whereby every applicant is treated fairly and given an equal opportunity to coach for TYA. These written procedures will be reviewed annually and will be posted on our website.
Coach Selection Process:
The BOD will determine, no later than at its June BOD meeting, the timeline for coaching selections. TYA members will be notified via e-mail, on the TYA website and social media, if applicable, when the coaching selection process begins. A Coaching Application Registration will be posted on the TYA website. Each candidate, Head and Assistant Coach, is required to complete an application online or in writing format. Once the Coaching Application Registration is closed the BOD will review and discuss each applicant, Head and Assistant Coach, and consider his or her qualifications before the selections begin.
Guiding Principles:
  • Has the necessary experience and background to effectively coach and positively mentor for the young players they have applied to coach.
  • Will contribute to the development of the kids both on and off the field.
  • Is a strong ambassador for the TYA program and the overall goals of the Association.
  • Will not use coaching as a platform to emphasize their child’s development and enjoyment.
  • Has the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Is able to make the time commitment.
  • Is willing to accept feedback from the BOD members.  
Any BOD member that is being considered for a Head Coaching position will not participate in the voting of the applicants within their applied level.  If there are no Head Coach Applicants for a team, Assistant Coach Applicants will be considered for the position and will be communicated with about the change before announcing to the members. If a suitable Head Coach candidate is not found, the BOD will search for a qualified volunteer.
When there are more than two applicants seeking the same Head Coach position, and unless a majority vote is made during the first vote, the tying top candidates will be resubmitted for the balloting until a decision of the majority is reached.
Once voting is completed, coaching selections are considered final.
If, after being selected, and before September 1st, a selected Head Coach resigns, then the person receiving the next highest number of votes will be determined to be selected. In the event of a tie, the BOD will select from those with the tied vote. In the event that the runner-up is not available to fill the head coaching position then the next person with the higher votes will be selected.
If a vacancy should arise after September 1st, it is the responsibility of the selected Head Coach to find and suggest a replacement to the BOD.
Head Coach Notification:
Selected Head Coaches will be notified verbally by an Executive Member of the BOD. Head Coaches selection, Team selections, and the new season Registration will be posted on the website. 
Assistant Coach Selection:
The Head Coach and BOD will be responsible for selecting Assistant Coaches for any given team.

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